About Us

緣來自有方 相聚緣續園

緣續園是多伦多首家大型複合式餐廳,集优雅环境, 美味食物,可口饮品,悦耳音乐于一身,为广大群众带来身心胃灵的洗礼。

Eat, Drink and Chill at Destiny Asian Fusion - your one stop leisure destination.

Established in 1998, Destiny Asian Fusion is Toronto’s first compound restaurant that sophisticated the bubble tea experience with a relaxing environment, friendly services and large selections of true Asian taste.

Our menu consists of authentic Asian snacks, entrees, hot pot and desserts. Aside from our famous bubble teas, our drinks range from healthy hot floral teas to ice cold slushies catered towards the need of different individuals.

We currently have two locations, Scarborough and Richmond Hill, serving the GTA. Our Scarborough location offers live music every night at 7:30pm.

Come and enjoy quality time with friends and family at Destiny Asian Fusion.